Stork LOFTLIGHT - Black
Stork LOFTLIGHT - Black
Stork Natura - LOFTLIGHT
Stork LOFTLIGHT - Black
Stork Natura
Stork LOFTLIGHT Natura Anode

Floor lamp from the new Black & White collection

Nominated for the “Dobry Wzór” 2021 competition

Available in the Slight Light collection and Black & White

Equipped with an efficient LED source with a concentrated beam of light.

Height: 122cm

LED 6W, dimmable

How to buy?
Stork Black

Choose the perfect color

Stork floor lamps are available in matt colors of the Slight Light collection and glossy Black & White

Matt colours

Specially selected palette of colors from the Pantone color catalog.
All shades have been selected in such a way as to look good together and as single color accents.
All powder coated coatings in these colors have a velvety matt surface.

PANTONE®17-1500 TPGSteeple Gray
PANTONE®14-1106 TPGPeyote
PANTONE®18-1404 TPGSparrow
PANTONE®14-0827 TPGDusky Citron
PANTONE®16-1508 TPGAdobe Rose
PANTONE®17-6323 TPGHedge Green
PANTONE®19-3928 TPGBlue Indigo
PANTONE®18-1550 TPGAurora Red
PANTONE®14-4307 TPGWinter Sky
PANTONE®14-3903 TPGLilac Marble
PANTONE®14-1116 TPGAlmond Buff
PANTONE®18-1343 TPGAuburn
PANTONE®11-0601 TPGBright White
PANTONE®19-0303 TPGJet Black

Gloss colours

The range of glossy powder-coated surfaces includes achromatic colors and metallic-look finishes.

PANTONE®19-0303 TPGBlack Piano
PANTONE®10105 CChrome
PANTONE®11-0601 TPGWhite Piano

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