floor lamps

We encourage you to explore our collection of handcrafted floor lamps. Our range includes both classic options, such as the Talma Floor model, and modern alternatives, for example, from the Kopa series.

All lamps are meticulously produced in Poland and are available in a variety of specially curated colors. If you need assistance in selecting specific models or are looking for alternative solutions, feel free to contact us.


Height: 150 cm / 200 cm

Concrete Stork

Height: 125 cm


Height: 122 cm

Konko Floor

Diameter: 30 cm
Height: 160 cm

Aeroplan Floor

Diameter: 47 cm
Height: 144 cm

Konik 220

Height: 220 cm

Talma Floor

Diameter: 40 cm
Height: 140 cm

Kopa Floor

Diameter: 36 cm
Height: 140 cm

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