New Design 2024!

The Dracula Chandelier, our unique pearl exuding mystical charm, debuts at the beginning of 2024 in the pendant lamp collection. We present an innovative concept that revolutionizes the notion of a classic chandelier by combining a carefully curated palette of materials—aluminum, steel, and brass decorative elements—enveloped in a distinctive yet elegant new long-bristle velvet structure in a deep, dark shade.

A mohair-braided power cable with black bristles provides a refined finish to the design, adding a unique character to it and attracting attention with its dark elegance. The Dracula Chandelier is undoubtedly a special light source, an artistic vision that brings a fascinating spirit of mystery and stylish refined aesthetics into the interior.


Dimensions: ø 118 cm, H 220 cm
Light Sources: 16 x E14 (bulbs sold separately)
Black mohair power cable – 300 cm
Steel mounting links – 158 cm
Special, dedicated aluminum ceiling rose entirely covered with a velvet structure

Design: 2024, Cezary Zadorożny


What sets this product apart?

The project undeniably stands out with its unique, mystical, and mysteriously charming allure, paying homage to the extraordinary velvet structure that envelops every centimeter of the chandelier. This delicate, soft, and beautiful coating imparts an unparalleled character to the design, simultaneously radiating a mysterious glow.

The power cable with protruding hairs constitutes an unconventional complement to the concept, creating an extraordinary source of light and an aura that will undoubtedly introduce an exceptional atmosphere into the interior. Subtle details, such as the velvet structure and the distinctive design of the cable, make the Dracula Chandelier not only serve its lighting function but also become a one-of-a-kind element, dispersing a mystical aura in the space and inviting exploration of the hidden corners of aesthetics and mysterious, dark beauty.

It’s worth emphasizing that all components are sourced from suppliers in our region, ensuring high quality and supporting the development of the local community. Our commitment to supporting local businesses and environmental stewardship constitutes fundamental aspects of our philosophy.


Bosca Velvet

Diameter: 9 cm

Height: 29 cm


Diameter: 9 cm

Lenght: 500 cm