Olemi slight velvet
olemi velvet

Olemi Slight Velvet is made of aluminum, available in many color options. Create your own extraordinary lamp by choosing the shade of velvet and the color of the powder-coated part.

Meet the new version of the Olemi Lamp, the concept of which is based on the interpenetration of two geometric solids – a cone inscribed in a hemisphere. The geometric concept of the lamp is completed by a triangular headliner. The idea of using 2 colors emphasizes the effect of permeating one form into another and the inspiration for its creation were Poul Henningsen’s designs.

We took care of a high-class finish.

The lamp is made of powder coated aluminum, but its upper part is covered with velvet, it has a braided silicone cable and a bakelite lampholder.

Diameter: 60cm

Height: 18cm

Light source: E27, bulbs sold separately

Design: 2022, Cezary Zadorożny


Choose the perfect color

Olemi Slight Velvet lamps are available in all the above colors – choose the right one for your interior!

Matt colours

Specially selected palette of colors from the Pantone color catalog.
All shades have been selected in such a way as to look good together and as single color accents.
All powder coated coatings in these colors have a velvety matt surface.

PANTONE®19-0303 TPGJet Black
PANTONE®11-0601 TPGBright White
PANTONE®14-4307 TPGWinter Sky
PANTONE®19-3928 TPGBlue Indigo
PANTONE®18-3817 TPXHeron
PANTONE®18-1404 TPGSparrow
PANTONE®17-1500 TPGSteeple Gray
PANTONE®14-1106 TPGPeyote
PANTONE®14-0418 TPXBog
PANTONE®17-6323 TPGHedge Green
PANTONE®14-0827 TPGDusky Citron
PANTONE®14-1116 TPGAlmond Buff
PANTONE®15-1433 TPXPapaya Punch
PANTONE®18-1343 TPGAuburn
PANTONE®18-1550 TPGAurora Red
PANTONE®16-1508 TPGAdobe Rose

Gloss colours

The range of glossy powder-coated surfaces includes achromatic colors and metallic-look finishes.

PANTONE®19-0303 TPGBlack Piano
PANTONE®10105 CChrome
PANTONE®11-0601 TPGWhite Piano


Lamps from the VELVET collection are covered with a layer of velvet suede. Choose a colour that will complement your interior and give it a masterpiece look!


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