The Woodoo Lamp is the latest gem in our collection, available in two versions. The first is a classic rendition, composed of sturdy spheres made from raw American walnut. The second option, Woodoo Glass, is enhanced with the subtlety of a sandblasted glass sphere.

This time, we venture into the fascinating world of wood, allowing us to experiment with diverse material combinations, delivering a product that captivates with its uniqueness. Wood exudes an incredibly charming color, and its unique fiber pattern and rings add an unparalleled character to the lamp.

Woodoo comes in various sizes, depending on the number of paired spheres. In our classic fashion, there’s also the option to create a “multi” version, where multiple pendants can be connected to a single ceiling rose.


Light Source: LED 6W, ~3000K (dimmable)
Black, silicone cable – 120 cm
Steel, black hemisphere ceiling rose

Design: 2024, Cezary Zadorożny



The Woodoo project stands out with its unique combination of solid American walnut wood and sandblasted OptiWhite glass, creating a harmonious and elegant composition. Available in various sizes, Woodoo becomes a flexible and personalized interior element. Drawing inspiration from the Bola Bola model, it showcases a creative evolution, transitioning from colors to natural wood, giving the project a new and unique aesthetic.

An exceptional feature is the possibility to create a “multi” version, where several pendants of varying heights can be connected to a single ceiling rose. This option highlights the flexibility of the Woodoo project, allowing for the creation of dynamic and unique lighting tailored to a specific interior.


Woodoo can be customized, starting from the selection of the type of elements and their quantity, ending with the length of the cables and multi options.

The first step is to choose whether the lamp is to be a single version on a standard black-hemisphere-shaped ceiling rose, or a multi version. If a multi version is to be created, you must specify the number of overhangs and whether they are to be hung on a round or longidudal ceiling rose; this type of product matching is each time agreed individually with the customer.

The next choice concerns the type of elements used, the customer’s options include: sandblasted glass and American Walnut. The first ball containing the light source is always made of American Walnut. It is up to the customer to choose which elements, and in what quantity will be placed.

The standard offer includes lamps consisting of 1 to 5 balls, choosing whether Woodoo should be made entirely of American walnut or whether it should contain balls made of blown, sandblasted glass.

The last step is to choose the length of the cables, the standard length is 120 cm, but this length can be shortened or extended at the customer’s request. Additionally, upon request, the black silicone-braided cable can be replaced with another one from our offer.



Diameter: 9 cm

Lenght: 500 cm

Bola Bola Velvet

Diameter: 9 cm

Height: 9 cm | 18 cm | 27 cm | 36 cm | 45 cm