Matuba - Slight Light
Matuba & Matuba Table - Slight Light
Matuba - Dirty Pink, Hedge Green, Black
Konko Light - Velvet, Matuba - Hedge Green
Matuba - Hedge Green
Matuba - Hedge Green
Matuba - Violet
Matuba - White
Matuba - Black
Matuba Peyote2
Matuba Gold2
Matuba Brown gold2
Matuba blue indygo LOFTLIGHT
New Design 2020!

Metal pendant lamps from the Matuba collection




Diameter: 4.5cm
Height: 14 cm
Light source: E27 max. 60W
/recommended bulb with a minimum diameter of 120mm/

Design: Cezary Zadorożny, 2020


How to buy? 3d models
Matuba Steeple Grey - mood
Lampy Matuba hedge green proj. Butterflystudio

design: @Butterflystudio 

Matuba @by_cli

Clients house: @by_Cli

Matuba blue indygo - środowisko

Choose the perfect colour

Lamps from the Matuba series are available in all matt and glossy colors,
in addition you can choose velevt structure coating – choose the right one for your interior!


Specially selected palette of colors from the Pantone color catalog.
All shades have been selected in such a way as to look good together and as single color accents.
All powder coated coatings in these colors have a velvety matte surface and are available throughout the Slight Light collection.

PANTONE®17-1500 TPGSteeple Gray
PANTONE®14-1106 TPGPeyote
PANTONE®18-1404 TPGSparrow
PANTONE®14-0827 TPGDusky Citron
PANTONE®16-1508 TPGAdobe Rose
PANTONE®17-6323 TPGHedge Green
PANTONE®19-3928 TPGBlue Indigo
PANTONE®18-1550 TPGAurora Red
PANTONE®14-4307 TPGWinter Sky
PANTONE®14-3903 TPGLilac Marble
PANTONE®14-1116 TPGAlmond Buff
PANTONE®18-1343 TPGAuburn
PANTONE®11-0601 TPGBright White
PANTONE®19-0303 TPGJet Black

Glossy colour

The glossy color palette consists of 2 parts, Piano and Effect.
Piano colors are perfectly smooth surfaces that evenly reflect light, available interchangeably with matt colors.
The Effect finish is a surface that requires a longer process and is therefore available as an additional option.
They are inspired by the metals available in our offer and were created as a result of the popularity of hand-polished brass or steel.
Thanks to the use of a powder coating, the color will never fade or oxidize, and in addition, we are able to cover every lamp from the Slight Light collection with it!
Colors: Black Piano, White Piano and Chrome are colors selected from the Pantone Palette.
black piano
black piano
white piano
white piano
chrome effect
chrome effect
gold effect
gold effect
brown effect
BRONZE effect


The Velvet palette includes 5 colors of a soft and pleasant to the touch coating.
This selected colors perfectly match concrete and other finishes from Loftlight offer.
The Velvet structure used on large lamps will make the interior cosier.
The surface is easy to clean, the velvet lamps are perfect for the bedroom, living or dining room.

Velvet Grey
Velvet Black
Velvet Olive Grey
olive grey

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