robot concrete
robot concrete
robot concrete
robot concrete
robot concrete
robot concrete
NEW 2022!

Robot is a LOFTLIGHT table lamp, designed by Joseph Caspari and Cezary Zadorozny in 2022. This lamp has been built made of 3 different height concrete cuboids, supported by a stainless steel constructure. The project was prepared with mathematical precision, thanks to which the lamp has a characteristic technical style. In the middle element there are 2 LED modules shining in opposite directions, with a power of 6W each and a color of ~2700K. The power supply to the light sources has been hidden in the structure, thanks to which the entire body of the lamp has uninterrupted lines. The lamp is available in 12 colors of concrete.

Height: 48 cm
Width: 7,8 cm
Lenght: 24,5cm
Light source: LED 2x  6W, 3000K
Design: 2022 Joseph Caspari & Cezary Zadorożny
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What distinguishes this product?

The project is distinguished by its innovative design on the border of art and utility. The lamp is a kind of glowing sculpture. Only turning on the light reveals the true
face of the product. Robot is not so much a table lamp as a decorative element that accentuates the zone in which it is located with light. This lamp has been equipped with a delicate, barely noticeable cable that does not interfere with the design. Concrete elements in the lamp are cast by hand from concrete, with properties specific
to our brand, thanks to which it was possible to maintain delicate 5mm walls. Each produced copy has a unique serial number and the LOFTLIGHT brand logo on the bottom of the base. Most of the elements needed to prepare the product come from Poland, specifically from the vicinity of our manufacture in Wroclaw. Thanks to this, we are able to support regional entrepreneurs, and at the same time reduce the carbon footprint.

robot concrete
robot concrete

Choose the perfect color

Robot table lamps are available in all concrete colors. The stainless steel construction completes the composition.


Make Your lamp truly unique and give it Your personal touch!
Please select from the various options below.


100% hand-cast!

The lamp shades unfold their ultimate unpredictable colour finish after a drying period of 30 days. Each lamp is unique in its kind – its surface texture, tone and colour – a small piece of art!!

Please choose Your lamp colour from our basic tones:



Choose the power cable colour and type from over 50 different options:

  • polyester braiding
  • cotton braiding
  • linen braiding

Browse our braided cable options

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Height: 48 cm
Width: 7,8 cm             Lenght: 24,5 cm