The Bugie Wall sconce is a new interpretation of the highly acclaimed
Aeroplan Wall model, introducing the refined essence of American walnut wood into the world of lighting.

The Bugie project is a harmonious blend of three exceptional materials: durable American walnut wood, powder-coated aluminum, and sandblasted OptiWhite glass. This combination is the result of in-depth research into the impact of light on various materials.
The wood exudes a subtle color, and the unique fiber pattern and rings give the sconce an unparalleled character. Leaving the wood in its natural form provides a matte, pastel finish, while the sandblasted glass ensures perfect light diffusion, eliminating glare.

Available in two sizes:
  • Ø 15 cm, H 4.5 cm
  • Ø 23 cm, H 4.5 cm

Light Source: LED 14W, ~2700K
(dimmable – we recommend dimmers from the Simon10 series)

Design: 2024, Cezary Zadorożny

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Reflecting the simplicity and modernity of its form, the Bugie Wall sconce seamlessly integrates into diverse interiors. Its minimalist design allows for easy adaptation to various room arrangements. Crafted from durable American walnut wood, powder-coated aluminum, and sandblasted OptiWhite glass, the sconce presents a unique finish, adding subtlety to the space.

Furthermore, the Bugie Wall sconce is available in two different sizes: Ø 15 cm, H 4.5 cm, and Ø 23 cm, H 4.5 cm. This allows for flexible customization to diverse spaces. Serving as a light source, it utilizes energy-efficient LED 14W with a warm color temperature of ~2700K, providing brightness adjustment options. Generating soft, even light, Bugie not only illuminates the interior but also highlights its individual character, creating a cozy atmosphere.



Height: 20 cm | 40 cm

Width: 10.3 cm

Aeroplan Wall

Diameter: 32 cm | 47 cm | 60 cm
Thickness: 6.5 cm