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ConTeak natural LØFTLIGHT
ConTeak natural LØFTLIGHT
ConTeak natural LØFTLIGHT
ConTeak natural showroom
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ConTeak Red Dot museum

Indoor and outdoor wall lamp

Conteak is a combination of raw concrete with warm teak

An elegant, concrete oval form suspended on a geometric wooden block with sandblasted glass diffusing the light gives the project a natural, simple and ecological character

Available in 9 concrete colors and also in outdoor version with IP65

Designed and hand made in Poland

Width 12.5cm

Height: 24.5cm

Indoor version IP51, LED 2 x 6W 

Outdoor version IP65, LED 2 x 2W

Led is dimmable

Project: 2021

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ConTeak lamp designed by Cezary Zadorożny with an award in the lighting category during this year’s edition of the prestigious industrial design competition Red Dot Design Award

🔴 The Red Dot Design Award is often called the “Oscar of Design”. This is one of the most important awards in the world of design. Recognized experts award each year from several thousand submissions each year in 51 categories We are proud of it! 🏆

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Choose the right one for your interior.


Hand-cast concrete will show its true nature after a drying period of 30 days.
Each product is a unique copy in terms of texture and color of the material!

Choose a colour from our base palette:


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