Matuba led auburn
matuba led
matuba led multi
Matuba led black
Matuba led auburn
Matuba led hedge green
Matuba led bright white
Matuba led blue indigo
Matuba led steeple grey
Matuba led velvet black

The Matuba LED pendant lamp is a new version of the well-known Matuba lamp from LOFTLIGHT. Extremely minimalist and available in many colors, powder coated or suede covered metal lamp.

Diameter: 4.5cm
Height: 14cm

Light source: LED 6W dimmable

Design: 2022, Cezary Zadorożny

matuba led auburn

Choose colour

Lamps from the Matuba LED series are available in fourteen matte colors – choose the one that suits your interior!

Matt colours

PANTONE®17-1500 TPGSteeple Gray
PANTONE®14-1106 TPGPeyote
PANTONE®18-1404 TPGSparrow
PANTONE®14-0827 TPGDusky Citron
PANTONE®16-1508 TPGAdobe Rose
PANTONE®17-6323 TPGHedge Green
PANTONE®19-3928 TPGBlue Indigo
PANTONE®18-1550 TPGAurora Red
PANTONE®14-4307 TPGWinter Sky
PANTONE®14-3903 TPGLilac Marble
PANTONE®14-1116 TPGAlmond Buff
PANTONE®18-1343 TPGAuburn
PANTONE®11-0601 TPGBright White
PANTONE®19-0303 TPGJet Black

Gloss colours

PANTONE®19-0303 TPGBlack Piano
PANTONE®10105 CChrome
PANTONE®11-0601 TPGWhite Piano

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