New Design 2024!

Welcome to a journey through history with our latest creation – Daisy. The flexible LED tube, boasting an impressive length of 5 meters and adorned with beautiful sanded glass balls, is also available with intricately interwoven balls made of raw American walnut, presenting itself in an exceptionally stylish manner.

This exceptional woman, immortalized in the annals of history for her unique class, was inseparably linked to the legendary pearl necklace adorning her neck. Our lamp design draws inspiration from this symbol of elegance, bringing not only light but also a monumental dose of class into the interior. The design, based on the shape of this multi-meter necklace, is a tribute to Daisy von Pless’s heritage, introducing a unique charm and sophistication to the space. Precision in execution and the option to personalize the length and choose materials make each Daisy lamp a unique jewel, perfectly capturing the style of the Princess von Pless. Daisy is a tale of elegance, history, and timeless class.


Standard Length: 5 m | 56 balls – diameter 9cm
Light Source: Flexible LED tube, IP67
1m: 20W, 1109 lm, ~3000K, 80Ra, 360*, 50 000h
(lamp equipped with a driver and dimmer)

Design: 2024, Cezary Zadorożny


What sets this product apart?

Daisy offers an extraordinary lighting experience that goes beyond the conventions of traditional lamps. Its true distinction lies in its remarkable customization options, creating a fusion of unique design and functionality capable of capturing the attention of even the most discerning design enthusiasts.

An undoubted distinguishing feature is the fact that the light source has an IP67 protection class, which means that Daisy can be successfully installed in outdoor spaces, when protected from rain.

This lamp goes beyond merely illuminating a space. Daisy transforms the environment, adding elegance and clearly standing out as a central focal point in the arrangement. Carefully designed and crafted from top-quality materials, it brings a unique atmosphere and style to the room, creating unforgettable aesthetic impressions.Thanks to long steel mounting cables, the lamp can be mounted in any way, creating smoothly wavy lines.


Daisy can be customized, starting from the type of glass and ending with the length of the lamp.

The first choice is the type of blown glass used, the customer’s options include: sandblasted glass, Opal White Matt and Opal White Gloss.

The next step is to choose the length of the lamp, the standard length is 500 cm, but this length can be shortened or extended at the customer’s request.

The last step is to choose whether the lamp is to be composed only of glass balls or some of them are to be replaced by beautifully grained, gently polished American Walnut.



Diameter: 9 cm

Height: 9 cm | 18 cm | 27 cm | 36 cm

Longa Vertical

Diameter: 8 cm

Height: 53 cm | 103 cm | 153 cm | 203 cm