Febe 19
Febe 19
Febe M - chocolate

Concrete pendant lamp. Hand-made lampshades.

Febe lamps are the first model in our collection – produced since 2012.

The size 19 was introduced to the collection in 2015.

Diameter: 20.5 cm

Height: 30cm

Weight: ~ 2.5 kg

Light source: E27 max. 15W

Design: 2015

How to buy? 3d models


Make Your lamp truly unique and give it Your personal touch!
Please select from the various options below.


100% hand-cast!

The lamp shades unfold their ultimate unpredictable colour finish after a drying period of 30 days. Each lamp is unique in its kind – its surface texture, tone and colour – a small piece of art!!

Please choose Your lamp colour from our basic tones:



Choose the power cable colour and type from over 50 different options:

  • polyester braiding
  • cotton braiding
  • linen braiding

Browse our braided cable options

Ceiling rose

Lamp is set up with steel ceiling rose as standard.

Choose the right ceiling rose for your lamp. Metal and concrete ceiling roses available.

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