Febe 15 Natural
LOFTLIGHT Febe 15 Natural
Febe S - Natural
FEBE 15 Anthracite/Steel

Concrete pendant lamps. Hand-cast lampshades. Available in three sizes and different concrete colours. The first model from our collection – produced since 2012.

Diameter: 15cm

Height: 23cm

Weight: ~ 1.2kg

Designed 2012

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Febe 15

FEBE 15 in a project by Solid /Athens, Greece/

Lampy Febe 15 - Steinhaus, Wrocław

FEBE 15 in a project /Wrocław, Poland/


Make Your lamp truly unique and give it Your personal touch!
Please select from the various options below.


100% hand-cast!

The lamp shades unfold their ultimate unpredictable colour finish after a drying period of 30 days. Each lamp is unique in its kind – its surface texture, tone and colour – a small piece of art!!

Please choose Your lamp colour from our basic tones:



Choose the power cable colour and type from over 50 different options:

  • polyester braiding
  • cotton braiding
  • linen braiding

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Febe 11

Diameter: 11 cm
Height: 15,5 cm

Febe 15

Diameter: 15 cm
Height: 22 cm

Febe 19

Diameter: 19 cm
Height: 27 cm

Febe Volcano 11

Diameter: 11 cm
Height: 15,5 cm

Febe Volcano 15

Diameter: 15 cm
Height: 22 cm
Febe Volcano 11